Keramik-Museum Berlin
Berlin Museum of Ceramics: Fascination in Form & Glaze

The museum is located close to the Luisen church in the district of Charlottenburg inside a listed burgher house built in 1712. With its neoclassical facade and its idyllic court and garden, it is a picturesque place of repose in the midst of the neighboring 19th century housing.

The Keramik-Museum Berlin was founded in 1990 and displays ceramics of artistic as well as traditional craftsmanship in regularly changing special exhibitions. The objects originate from German-speaking countries and date from the mid 19th century to the present day. Who and what has given new impetus and has enriched the development of ceramics since then, is the museum’s main field of activity. The history of art, technique and design comes alive in a new and special way. Additionally, the friends’ association of the Keramik-Museum Berlin arranges on-topic events like readings, presentations and markets.

Object of interest is the fascinating world of ceramics which includes: faience, majolica, earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. Over the course of time the outstanding collection has accumulated more than 8000 objects which exhaustively represent the finest manufactures, industry designers and ceramic artists and impressively illustrate the different style epochs of historism, Jugendstil, expressionism, Bauhaus and functionalism. The collection’s backbone is a generous donation of Karlheinz Fetzer (1923-1998). Heinz-J. Theis, a renowned Berlin gallery owner and ceramic researcher, initiated the collection’s foundation and development and has curated the museum since 1990.

The museum houses a library of textbooks and documents. As an institute of research we hope to open our library and archive soon to all those interested in our work. We offer collectors, scientists and ceramicists a forum to meet and debate.

Since several years ago the museum has intermittently published catalogues and brochures; for example: „Berlin und Brandenburg – Keramik der 20er und 30er Jahre“ and booklets about artists and manufactures; among others: H. Bollhagen, P. Dresler, H. Gretsch.

Friends‘ Association
Since 1990 the Friends of the KMB have supported the collection’s development for the Land of Berlin on an honorary basis and the members enable the opening hours to the public. The KMB is a financially autonomous institution advised by the Berlin Senate Administration.

Together we grow strong. Join us and become a member of our friends’ association of the KMB. Support our work financially as well as ideally and help us to enrich the scenery of museums in Berlin.

Membership fee is a minimum of € 40 (reduced € 20) per year. Extra donations are much appreciated.